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Underwriting Risk

     a)     Preliminaries:


  • Work plan is designed in consonance with the requirements of the individual client for the whole year of Insurance period. A visit or visits to the client sites constitute an integral part of this groundwork.
  • Two months before effecting cover, REOS carries out Risk and Insurance cover survey on the client’s risks/Interests and give the clients recommendations on the risk reduction measures, which considerably reduce premium rates and premium payable.
  • Once the distinguished insurance company agrees upon the proposed new rates and the computed premium, the client is served with a proposed rate by the earliest means.
  • REOS prepares insurance covers a week before inception or renewal date so that a client does not at any moment find himself operating without insurance protection.

(b) Modus Operandi


  • After 1st Month REOS visits the client for the purpose of servicing claims, inspections of risk management and effecting any mid-term adjustment which may include providing insurance covers for newly acquired properties.
  • In the 3rd Month of the insurance period, REOS visits the client again for purpose of serving claims and effecting any mid-term adjustments.
  • In the seventh month of the insurance period the REOS submits a professional report to the client and it has to be discussed in client premises.
  • The REOS, apart from visiting the client with a view to identifying new risks and advising the client on risk improvement, furnishes the client with renewal notice in the ninth month.
  • In the eleventh month the period just before expiry of policies, Reos effecting premium negotiations assuming immense significance based on a number of indicators.

Claims handling and management


Claims handling is the core significant service of Reos. This is perhaps not surprising given that when customers make a claim they are likely to be in some form of distress and more sensitive to things not going the way they feel they should. Being with Reos peace of mind is managed.

By this, Reos ensures:

  • Claims are handled fairly and settled promptly;
  • Customers are provided with information on the claims handling process, and with an explanation of why a claim is rejected or not settled in full, where relevant
  • Trivial claims, are settled almost immediately to prevent unnecessary delays and ensure the reinstatement/ resume of work or programs and the like is done efficiently
  • Work closely together with the insurer and assessors to ensure promptly settlement of the claim at the utmost satisfaction level.
  • Assist and undertake the management of current and past claims
  • rescue accident vehicles at the scene of event once reported to us instantly

Claims Procedures:

  1. Notification of accident or any event lead to damage thereof should be reported to us instantly within 24 hours.
  2. Provision of relevant information and documents should be furnished to us to process the claim. (Note: Reos will undertake to co-operate with insured to collect such information) i.e. police reports, legal documents, and others
  • Claim form is submitted to the insured to be filled
  1. Inspection of the damaged property or injured person is done
  2. The claim is processed and within 21 or not more than 45 days Reos ensures it is settled