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Reos facilitates a full spectrum of insurance policies in the classes of:

  • All Risks Insurance

This is the policy which covers all perils except those which are specifically excluded. It covers loss, damage or destruction which is due to any cause including fire anywhere within the territorial

  •  Aviation Insurance

Provides cover for loss or damage to aircrafts, luggage, or cargo due to fire outbreak as result of mechanical breakdown or electrical shock

  •  Bonds

Provides guarantee to projects, performance of Contract, Customs & Excise Duties

  •  Burglary Insurance

Provides indemnity to the insured in case the insured suffers loss, damage or destruction of the insured property following upon housebreaking, larceny, during entrance or exit

  •  Computer/Electronic Equipment Insurance

Covers physical loss or damage to electronic equipments also includes loss of data

  •  Contractors All Risk and liability Insurance

Covers unforeseen and sudden loss or damage to buildings, road, bridges etc under construction and other property on the construction site. The policy can be extended to cover third party liability

  •  Domestic Package Insurance

Provides covers to domestic buildings and contents against loss or damage due to fire, burglary and third party liability

  •  Employers liability Insurance

This cover indemnifies the insured (employer) against legal liability for any injury to the persons or by reason or negligence act done by his employee

  •  Engineering (Machinery Breakdown) Insurance

Covers physical damage to machines and loss of profit due to machine breakdown

  •  Fidelity Guarantee

Provides indemnification to the employer against all such direct pecuniary losses which may sustain by any acts of forgery, embezzlement, or fraudulent done by employee

  •  Fire Insurance

Covers loss or damage to property of the insured due fire outbreak, electrical shock, floods, earthquake

  •  Goods In Transit

Indemnify the insured for the loss or damage to Goods held in Trust by him while in transit against unforeseen accident, fire, and theft during the transit till delivery

  •  Group Personal Accident Insurance

Provides compensation against death or disability arising out of accidental bodily injuries

  •  Industrial All Risk Insurance

Covers all risk associated with industrial operations including damages to machines, plant and equipment, loss of profit, and legal liability against third parties

  •  Marine Insurance

Provide covers to the insured for marine hull or cargo for loss or damage to marine properties due to fire, storm, hurricane, piracy, stranding, and strong wind blow

  •  Money Insurance

Indemnifies the insured for loss of money while in transit, at premises, safe or strong room and it extended to cover damage to safe

  •  Motor Insurance

Covers loss or damage to Motor vehicles due to accident, fire and theft, it also covers third party liability

  •  Plate glass Insurance

Provides covers against the breakage of the plate glass fixed to display windows or show cases of commercial establishment of whatsoever reason

  •  Professional Indemnity Insurance

Indemnify the insured against legal liability due to professional malpractice, negligence, error and omission by professional practitioners

  •  Public liability Insurance

Indemnifies the insured against legal liability devoting on him for injury to the persons or by reason or negligence act, error or omission committed by the insured or by any person under the insured’s control or defect in the ways, works, machinery, products or premises of the insured.

  •  Workmen’s compensation Insurance

Indemnify the insured against legal liability arising out due to death or disability to employees while in the course of employment